Where Are You?



Where Are You?

I denied you, created a world
A world I thought I could control
Winners, losers, dragons, heroes
Lost in all its woes

The game feels real, I’m at its mercy
Left, right, up and down
Chaotic now, confusion reigns
As I relive the pain

A distant memory comes to mind
Withdraw from this, its unreal
Pull out of the game and leave
Sweet, short reprieve

Somehow a known experience
When the pain’s intense get out of here
Take off, fly over it, have fun
Crash again, undone

There’s another way to look on this
Ask for help, its always there
Courage and faith are found within
Where two or more are given

Many times give up a world unreal
To know the deepest fear
Power misused, of miscreation terrified
In prayer I cry out, mystified

A prayer so deep is surely heard
From wastelands to the skies
From far beyond, I call to You
Heart held in the crucible

A spark of memory lights the mind
An ancient pathway opens up
Wider, deeper, still and vast
Follow now, hold fast

I Am Creation of Creator
Extension of that truth is Love
Loves’ hand infusing all that is
Warm in her caress

So close now, the light of Truth
The power that Is, so bright and clear
Holy child where are you now?
Here, here, right here

Jackie, August 2014