I took up a spiritual life!


I took up a spiritual life

Looked for answers in the stars
Watched every month for moon square mars
sun signs, moon signs, what it meant
searched the charts for good alignment

I saved the whales and panda bears
Never ending woes and cares
Protested nuclear ships and sprays
The world was going to change its ways!

Makeup, lipstick, hair colour too
had to go to be authentic
who is that woman in the mirror
in lace and muslin, what a spinner!

Conserved, preserved, recycled
Home grown, organic, brown and healthy
Reared chickens, baby lambs and cows
Rolled up sleeves and sweated brow

I meditated, ahhed and oomed
cross legged for hours on end
Yoga poses stretched my mind
and much more than my behind

Read the tarot, crystals, rocks
Rows of bottles herbs and drops
Hours of listening, consultations
Massage and deliberations

At last, by the search exhausted
Saved by the miracle, the Course
I dropped the efforting and strife
And took up a spirit led life!

Jackie  August 2014