The Journey Back

The Journey Back
When we come to that place where a deep call arises from somewhere beyond us, when we say ‘Show me’, to what do we call? Where does the question land? What is it that answers? When there is an unequivocal desire for another experience, it is mind that calls to itself, returns to itself. Mind bends to itself in acknowledgement. This call to what we may name as Spirit, God, the Divine, begins the right of passage through the mystical, opening to the discovery of the true Self, the totality of Self.

It is a passage that can seem to take a long time.The glorious inner realms of mind are discovered, explored, embraced, often with mystical or awakening experiences. In fact those who do not have these experiences are possessed of a deep faith indeed. But there is more to be done. The temptation to feel gifted in some way, perhaps even advantaged can seem to take hold. The immature spiritual self still tantrums in an attempt to hijack the straight and narrow road, albeit in more subtle ways than before. It explores the side roads of worldly concepts, healer, psychic, teacher, and so on, tempted by such thoughts as ‘I want it thus’ ‘I need do nothing’ ‘I can have everything’ and many other reasons to justify attachment to the world. All of these areas are to be looked upon, acknowledged and gently put aside, for until they have all come to light they cannot truly be released. Guilt and shame are to be treated in the same way, looked upon and gently laid down.

In order to experience the fullness and constancy of divine union nothing can remain hidden, life is to be lived to its full potential, nothing to be grasped, denied, avoided or feared. In the discovery of the fearlessness of Love, in true humility, we finally approach the Threshold…

Love Eternally