Deep devotion and trust in leading a spirit-led life, even when it makes no sense, has led to a state of more consistent peace. There is a lightness of acceptance that is experienced as pure joy.

Provo Riv Falls

It looks, at times, like a high level of activity and communication, and at other times, deep stillness and meditation in awareness of the Divine.

Jackie reading ACIM, day of SilenceOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Deep mystical experiences bring truth to the awareness that this illusion is all thought! What a fun ride it is. Darkness only arises when there is a desire to hold on to a false concept to keep this self in place.

This poem describes it beautifully:

from Childlight by Michele Penner

I take off desire
And discover a magical sufficiency
I cast off pride
And insight begins
I remove arrogance
And grace appears
I discard judgment
And a soft peace slips in
I shed false beliefs
And uncover acceptance
And this is just the beginning
As I undress the entire little self
By finding the truth
And when the last binding garment is removed
I find that there is really no one there
That the entire wardrobe enclothed a myth
And that the clothes themselves
Created the illusion

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