Deep devotion and trust in following the ‘still small voice within’ has led to a state of more consistent peace. There is a lightness in the acceptance of everything that occurs. My life has been a deeply healing journey over many years, involving the exploration of different philosophies, healing techniques and meditation, but ultimately everything fell into place with the clear, practical, teachings of ACIM (A Course in Miracles). 

My path has been one of periods of deep stillness and meditation and at other times, periods of activity and communication. The times of introspection and steadfast communion led to a recognition and dissolving of an ‘old’ way of being, and each time a lighter ‘self’ emerged from the cocoon.


Deep mystical experiences have brought truth to this wonderful poem, which describes the experience beautifully:

from Childlight by Michele Penner

I take off desire
And discover a magical sufficiency
I cast off pride
And insight begins
I remove arrogance
And grace appears
I discard judgment
And a soft peace slips in
I shed false beliefs
And uncover acceptance
And this is just the beginning
As I undress the entire little self
By finding the truth
And when the last binding garment is removed
I find that there is really no one there
That the entire wardrobe enclothed a myth
And that the clothes themselves
Created the illusion

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