Experiences expressed on canvas!



Whimsical Moments!


David and resident mystic Iso!




Held in the arms of Love


The Well of Trust. Having the courage to look deeply into the dark well of doubt and uncertainty, and trusting that this is the way out of darkness, the light of truth is glimpsed. The fading world of shadows is seen to have no foundation, it is surrounded and held in light. Mother Mary stands in the light, beyond all concepts, a symbol of unfailing devotion, deep love and trust.



During a time of silence, these words  were heard as a gentle whisper from the Spirit: ‘there is nothing to do, nothing to fix, nothing to change!’ I immediately was transported to my teens and to my delight this drawing of John Lennon emerged! ‘Whisper words of wisdom … ‘Let it be’



The end of ‘personal responsibility’. As she appeared on the paper I fell totally in love with her, and another chunk of the deeply ingrained dynamic of responsibility finally fell. The thought was ‘I have played my part fully, and now I hand it all to You.’



The wonder of light! Have the innocent curiosity of a child



In still attentiveness the mind soars, where all is experienced as One Love!




Sinking deep into the realms of Truth where all is One.



Exposing the shadow self seems to be a journey, and following the Holy Spirit looks like a path. The truth is that Presence is experienced Now.



“Be as little children”. In complete trust and surrender we are carried Home on the wings of Love.



Moving through turbulent times to see that nothing can affect the dynamic majesty of Love

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