Silence and Meditation

The following series of short talks takes a look at the value of silence, and what it can look like when we first start to change our mind about our mind!

Why silence? What happens when we stop distracting ourselves and take time away from our daily lives? This video addresses these questions.

How does silence and meditation help in my relationships? In the quiet witness is brought to the thoughts that run in the mind, the dynamics that rule our relationships. Once recognised we can watch how those same dynamics play out in our relationships, keeping us hooked to a self concept. The good news is that they have been exposed to be released!


Spreaker – Joining Jackie in Joy

This talk was a lot of fun and gave me the golden opportunity to affirm that no matter how dark things seem to get sometimes, hanging in there is so worth it!

Jackie Simpson answers a variety of questions around her spiritual journey. The depth of her calling and devotion shine through in this interview. Jackie shares her experiences around themes such as trust, undoing the mother/daughter concept and bringing the darkness to the light.
(Warning: Contains several spontaneous eruptions of laughter.)


I recently was invited, along with Jason Warwick, to do a series of movie gatherings in and around the Chicago area. In a talk before and after the movie Repeaters, Jason and I look at the question of how to get out of the loop of ego dynamics. This discussion leads deeply into the topics of abuse and forgiveness, with two readings from a book by Barbara Varley.
The only way out is to follow guidance and ‘go for it’ 100 per cent.

Click here to listen to the talk, or visit my Spreaker page here:

The Peace of God is My One Goal by Barbara and Robert Varley is available here at the Living Miracles on-line store

JS and JW


Piano, Prose and Poetry

Click here to listen to a meditation evening at the Living Miracles Monastery, where JP played improvised piano while Greg and I read our poetry and writings inspired by the experience of journeying through the darkness to the Light. A beautifully collaborative experience.


The Course In Miracles in an 8 minute clip from Star Trek!

Look at Love, Rumi

Comparison, David Hoffmeister

Comparison is an ego device for maintaining the separation. People accept the world with which they’re presented. You must question the world and the core ego beliefs underneath it, such as comparison. Comparison is a defense mechanism against Love. A mystical experience is an experience of no judgment, no comparison. Desire love.

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